The length of league will be determined by the number of teams that sign up. We need enough weeks to allow each team to shoot each other one time.

League fees will be $10 a week with a $20 Sign up fee.  Youth are half price.

The first score will be due 10/30/17 by 8 A.M.

The last Score will be due 12/11/17 by 8 A.M.

All scores must be turned in by Monday 8A.M. they will be posted by noon same day.

The awards banquet will be 12/16/17 at 7PM.  During the I.A.C. Christmas party any ties will be determined by a shoot off at the awards banquet, so bring your bows!

Thursday evenings will be open shooting for non-club members any other time non-members must shoot with club member.

Thursday free pizza will be provided at 7:00 CST for league shooters, we hope you can make it.

Trophies will be awarded to all teams completing the league, assuming fees are paid by the team upon completion.

Youth may shoot from 10 yards.

Recurves may shoot from 10 yards, but if they reach 280 actual score, they must move to 20 yards.  Handicap will remain the same.

The handicap system is new for this year as a trial run; it should keep points and competition close.

                                                                                 Bonus Points

Bonus points are available; the bonus points are to encourage league shooters to recruit new shooting partners.

Bonus points are available by the following conditions; maximum bonus points are not to exceed 3 per team. Bonus points will not be awarded until the last week of league.

1 Bonus point for having a female on the team.

1 Bonus point for having a shooter that did not participate in our league last year.

1 Bonus point for having a non- Iroquois member on your team.

2 Bonus points if you have a non-member who joins I.A.C. during the season on your team!

                                                                                       Points System

This year’s point system will be based on five points possible per week. 1 point for the team completing the week's scores on time. 1 point for each round your team beats the other team (so there are three points available here) and 1 point for the overall win. These points will be added together for the length of the league and bonus points added to determine a winner. In case of a tie during a round each team will be awarded ½ point.

                                                                                    Handicap system

Handicap score will be week 1 handicap score is FREE!

The score you shoot for week one determines your starting handicap, we will be using 100% of the handicap score to get you to 300 for week 2. So, for example you shoot a 250 on week 1, you will have a 50 point handicap for week 2. The 50 points will be divided by 3 and rounded to the closest whole number. This number will be added to each round of week 2. You may shoot over 300 with handicap!

For example if you have a 50 point handicap and shoot a 260 you will score 310 usable points for that week.

If you break 300 the difference between 300 and your total score will be deducted from the next week’s handicap. Your handicap numbers can shrink, but will never go up.

For the shooter who reaches 300 without a handicap, you will receive ¼ point for each spot shot. This should help even out the ability of a shooter with a larger handicap. Keep in mind to get the ¼ point per spot you must shoot the 300 actual score that week. A 299 with 0 handicap is still a 299.

If you miss a week, your handicap score will be entered into the system and used with the current handicap you are using. You must still pay for the week you missed.

                                                                                          Score Cards

Score cards will be made for you prior to week one. The score cards will be marked with week numbers marked on each card. We will fill in the handicap numbers for you. If you shoot ahead just total the actual score on your card and we will do the rest. Remember you must use the scorecards we provide you. Score cards will be located hanging in the window to the left of the range door. Use your score card, leave everyone else’s alone. When totaled just place your card and weekly payment into an envelope and place it in the slot next to the office door.


If you have questions or need help with the scoring or handicap please feel free to call me as

I will be attempting to keep postings up to date.

If your teammate quits, contact me to work out details.             

 Jason Malone 219-863-7182

 Food served at 7PM CST

Rules, entry form & more coming soon!

Tomahawk League!  Coming soon!

Trophy League! Everybody WINS!

​Thursday Nights

Free Pizza for League Shooters!


PRIZES!! Trophies!!

2017 Trophy League Rules